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Please be aware that we are having some pricing issues on the website, please check the prices at the time you place your order.  This is currently being looked into and hopefully will be sorted soon.

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Dear Customers,

We would like to wish you all a very Happy and Healthy Christmas and look forward to a Peaceful New Year.

We will be closed after Saturday 22nd December through to the 2nd January 2019

Stay safe and best wishes from all of us here at A F Rayspeed 


Due to inappropriate use of  our customer enquiry screen, please be aware that we have requested for this facility  to be removed from our website.  If you have an enquiry regarding a part please email us or call, if you wish to place an order please email us with the word order in the subject and we will deal as soon as we can, or give us a call.   If you have a technical enquiry please call between 5pm and 6pm any day that we are open and you can speak with a mechanic directly.  

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Please be aware that we are experiencing a high number of spam messages coming through our enquiry screen, this is causing a massive backlog in dealing with enquiries. Please do not send orders through this screen it will not be dealt with for some time.  Please email us directly on put in the subject customer order and I will deal as soon as I can.

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Please be aware that Dave who is in the shop and picks the orders is going to be away from Wednesday 12th September to Wednesday 19th September.  We will do our best to keep things running as normal but there may be some delays.

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Customer Notice 25/08/2018

Please be aware that we will only have 1 mechanic in the shop from Tuesday 28th August through to Tuesday 4th September, this will impact on technical calls being dealt with during this week.  

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To all customers who originally purchased the clo5e ratio gearbox, the new selectors are here, many of you have returned the original selector and have been sent the replacement.  However, there is a number of customers still running the original selector, please be aware it is very important that these are returned and not kept in running scooters.  If you have purchased your gearbox through another dealer please let us know where it is from when you return it so that we can keep our records  straight.  As soon as the original selector is received we can send out the replacement.  Thank you for your ongoing patience with this matter.




We have been experiencing a very high number of spam messages coming through our enquiry screens,  this is causing extra delays in getting to your messages as each enquiry has to be opened before we can see the content.  If you would like to order something,  please use our usual email address  and place order in the subject box, we will do our best to deal with your order as soon as we can.

Many thanks

AF Rayspeed




31ST JULY 2018




Dear Customers,


Today we have received an update from the supplier regarding the new gear selectors for the Clo5e Ratio Gearbox.


The new selectors are on the way to us, they left the supplier yesterday (Monday) with Fedex, we are hoping for a quick delivery.


Many of you have already returned your gear selectors, these will be replaced as soon as the new ones arrive.


Please, if you have not returned your gear selector send it to us and as soon as we receive it we can send out the replacement, please mark the package for the attention of Karen.


We appreciate the patience that has been shown in relation to this issue, thank you.


Please be aware that from the 6th July through to the 17th July we have staff on holiday,  emails may not get answered during this time, if your enquiry is urgent please call.  Please remember technical calls  are between 5pm and 6pm any day that we are open we are unable to get the mechanics to the phone before then.  

Thank you



Clo5e Ratio Update 13-6-18


Further to our previous update we have the following news.


We have received the samples of the new design of selector and have been trying hard to break them.  We fitted a sample in to one of the Race bikes that had originally had a failure, and in over 60 laps at race pace on Monday there were no issues and no failure.  After further discussion with the manufacturer it appears there is a manufacturing process that is more expensive that can improve the selector further. These are being manufactured now.  We are told they will be with us in 4 to 6 weeks time. Existing owners will obviously not be charged extra for the new design, although this will mean that gearboxes may have to be slightly more expensive after this point.


In further bad news, we’ve been told of three additional selector failures in bikes at the Euro Lambretta run.  This is clearly now an unacceptable risk and a serious safety issue. I’m sorry but I must now insist that you should not continue to run your new gearbox until you’ve been supplied and fitted the new design selector.


We have managed to learn a little more regarding how the failures occur.  We supplied 100 selectors to a local company with magnetic crack testing equipment.  After testing they found 3 selectors with microfractures in the selector ring originating from the sharp corner where the leg meets the ring (the location we previously identified as the weak point).  These fractures were not visible to the naked eye. The fractures are extremely small but we are confident would propagate in use and then fail. The equipment used could not pick up cracks smaller than those found, that is not to say no cracks are present in the others tested.  This further backs up our decision to stop you from using the gearbox, as the power level of the bike would not be relevant to this failure mode.


Once again I must apologise for the inconvenience,  but we are nearly there now! I’m sorry that we have to stop you using the gearbox just as we begin to get the good weather.  I’ll keep you up to date as I we get more information.


I wish to ensure all the original selectors are destroyed.  As per my first update, I’ll ask you to return the original selector so that I can send you the replacement.  If it is possible I’d recommend removing the original selector and sending it back to us now, so there will be no delay in my sending your replacement.  Please put the package for the attention of Karen and include a note with you name, tel number and address.


Best regards





Clo5e Ratio Update 2-6-18


As promised I have an update on the Clo5e Ratio Gearboxes to share with you.


Thank you for your patience with us to this point. Today's update is unfortunately  not to let you know we have the selectors. We are still waiting for them.


We are applying pressure to try to speed up the process, but the manufacturer is taking longer than we anticipated.  They have insisted on a production sample check of the new design, which we should receive on the 7th of June. This sample will be fitted straight in to one of the race engines that had the original failure with the same rider for harsh testing.  Assuming that has no issues, they will then supply selectors to replace all the current design. We will of course update you as soon as this happens.


We have been made aware of two selector failures in road going scooters.  This changes the level of risk we believe running the original design presents.  Currently I would recommend that it would be better not to run the Clo5e Ratio Gearbox until the new selector is fitted.  I’m very sorry for the obvious inconvenience this will cause. We are still happy to offer a full refund for those who wish to return the gearbox, and we will still warranty gearboxes people choose to continue to run.  Otherwise we will be working hard to solve this problem as quickly as we can.


We’ll provide another update as we get the information.


Thank you


Best regards







Rayspeed Ltd. T/A Arthur Francis Service


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Closed Sunday & Monday

22nd May 2018

Customer Notice

General Data Protection Regulation

Dear Customer,


You may have heard of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) this comes into effect on the 25th May 2018.  These new regulations relate to the way in which we process and store your personal information.


When you contact us to place an order, request information or further response from us, we will need to obtain personal data from you, this will be in the form of one or more of the following: contact telephone number, email, address for delivery and payment details.  This will enable us to have a point of contact with you or just to enable us to process an order and arrange delivery.  Your information is used to create a customer file on our computerised system which enables us to retrieve previous orders or workshop information.  We do not keep payment details on our computerised system unless you give us permission to do so. 


Once your order is processed your details, Name, Address, Contact telephone number and email address (if provided) are retained on our system.  At the time of your order you are asked if you would like a notification from our courier either via text message or email, you do not have to use this service, and this information is only provided to the courier with your permission.  We do not pass your details to any 3rd party.  We do not send marketing emails.


If you do not wish for any of your details to be retained after your order is placed, please let us know at the time of your order.  If you have any questions relating to this notice, please contact Karen at


Thank you.


customer notice





Dear Customer,


We have had an update from our supplier of the Clo5e ratio gearboxes and the production of the new gear selector……


Hello Ray,

Thanks for your mail and I hope you are all well.

I understand it's frustrating to hear that we have to prolong the lead time. We don't want to push the production because we have not yet tested the new design and we need to make sure everything producing process goes as we planned. I will check with our production every two days. Right now we have finished tuning the finish turning and rest assured, we will try our best to finish as soon as possible. So please bear with me for some more time.


If you have any questions please contact us, as soon as we have more information we will let you know.

NOTICE 17/05/2018

Please be aware that on Friday 18th May and Saturday 19th May we do not have a mechanic at the shop.  We will only have one mechanic the following week from Tuesday 22nd through to Tuesday 29th May.

Thank you.


Please be aware that Dave who picks the orders and serves in the shop is going to be away all next week from 8th May until the 15th may (he is getting married!! woohoo to the lovely Yvonne, we wish them all the very best for a wonderful day on Monday) anyway..... due to Dave being away there may be delays in getting out customer orders, though we will do our very best.  also on the following 2 weeks we will have only 1 mechanic.  Please bear with us during the month of May basically :) there may be more delays than usual.

Many thanks


Clo5e Ratio Update


Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been working alongside our manufacturer to inspect the damaged gearbox from one of the race bikes.  We have found the cause of the failure, assessed a number of design solutions and organised production of a replacement selector.


Our current plan is as follows:


Based on our previous testing, we do not believe there is an immediate danger in running the gearboxes in road bikes.  On that basis we intend to continue to run the Clo5e Ratio boxes in our own bikes, until the replacement selector is available.  We will of course update you if that confidence proves to be misplaced.


As soon as the new design is available we will be in contact with you.  We want to replace all the original design selectors with the new design.  To that end, we will require the original selector back in exchange for the new selector, or alternatively you will be able to purchase the new selector and get a full refund on the purchase price when we receive the original back.


The manufacturer has placed a high priority on this new design allowing it to jump the normal production schedule.  We expect the replacement selectors in approx. 8 weeks time (the beginning of June). If we get any new information in the intervening weeks we will provide an update and advise accordingly.  We are still happy to offer a full refund if you do not wish to keep the Clo5e Ratio gearbox. Sorry for the inconvenience and additional worry this has caused.

Below is a brief explanation of design change.


The pictures on the right shows the original design of the selector compared to the new design below it.  The weak points in the original are the reliefs at the base of the selector legs.


In the new design shown in the two lower pictures you can see the reliefs have been filled in, and where the selector legs join the selector ring there is now a larger radii.  The diameter of the center of the selector ring has been increased and the metallurgy has been altered. These changes significantly increase the integrity of the selector ring by reducing the focus of the stress points, increasing the material thickness and increasing the material core strength.


We will also be supplying slightly shorter gear pawls with the new selector to accommodate the increase in selector ring diameter.  Initially these may be modified standard pawls, but will be manufactured to spec in the future.








Hope you all have a safe and peaceful Easter











Rayspeed Ltd. T/A Arthur Francis Service


Five Acres East Heslerton Nr. Malton North Yorkshire YO17 8EN.

Tel: (01944) 710693 Fax: (01944) 710081 Email: Web Site:

Closed Sunday & Monday

Saturday 24th March 2018

Dear Customer


I am sorry to contact you out of the blue but I wished to provide you with some information regarding our New Clo5e Ratio Gearboxes.


On Friday, at the Mallory Race track two group 6 race bikes managed to break their gear selectors.  A selector failure is a serious issue and we are currently looking in to the mode of failure and speaking with the manufacturer.  We are taking this issue very seriously and will provide updates as we have them. 


Both of the bikes concerned are in the 40-45bhp region and were on the track when the failures occurred.


Subject to the assessment of the parts and if indeed the gear selector is inadequate for the task it was designed for then a new version of the selector will be produced as soon as possible.  In the meantime we will not be supplying any new Clo5e Ratio gearboxes until we have had chance to asses the failures.


Our product testing had involved a seasons racing in a slightly lower powered group 6 engine (approx 35bhp) and a 4,500mile hard road test in a 28bhp engine, plus several unusual event tests (slamming the bike into 1st gear at 50 and 80mph etc.)


Based on that experience, I do not believe that fast road use in 30bhp engines would be likely to result in a failure.  (One of the group 6 race riders is still running a Clo5e Ratio in his RB25 road bike and is 3000 miles in).  I plan to continue to run the Clo5e ratio boxes we have in our own bikes.  However everyone has to judge their own acceptable level of risk.  Anyone who wishes to return their gearbox will of course be given a full refund.  Equally if we experience any failures in lower powered / road engines I will provide another update and immediately issue a warning.  


Sorry for placing doubt in your mind, but I believe it is only correct to provide you with what information I have.  We are working on this at the moment and will let you know what we find. 


Best Regards





Please be aware that Dave in the shop who gets out the orders will be on leave after Saturday 16th until Tuesday 2nd January.  



Please be aware that Dave who is in the shop and does all the orders will be away from Tuesday 8th August until Tuesday 15th August.  There will be delays in orders being processed but we will  be doing our best to get any orders out as soon as we can.

Thank you


Please be aware that from Saturday 6th May until Tuesday 16th May we will only have 1 mechanic in the shop instead of the usual 2,  this will have an impact on the technical calls that can be taken between 5pm and 6pm.  We thank you for your patience and will do our best to help you as soon as we can.


Please be aware that from  Friday 5th May 2017 the old style £5.00 note will no longer be legal tender.  If you have any of these notes take them to your bank and providing you have an account with them they should exchange these for you.  


We will be closed on GOOD FRIDAY - open SATURDAY 15th from 9am-1.30pm then from 2.30pm to 6pm - we are closed on the Sunday and Monday as usual.  Due to a very heavy workload any orders placed from today may not be depatched until after the Easter weekend.  We hope you have a safe and happy Easter break.

customer notice 18/01/2017

Karslake painting up for grabs in charity auction
Here’s an opportunity to own a unique picture by award winning renowned artist Paul Karslake (son of the late Mike Karslake). The picture was donated to Team Scooter World by Paul for it to be sold to the highest bidder with all money raised going 50/50 to Team Scooter World’s nominated charities The East Midlands Air Ambulance and the RNLI .

This picture is signed by Paul and is a one-off original painting and would be an investment as well as great picture for any scooterist (or anyone who appreciates fine art) to own. 

The painting is being auctioned on eBay at the following link:

Team Scooter World are looking are inviting sensible offers for it, as the picture has been valued in the region of two thousand pounds.  For more information speak to any of the Team Scooter World organising committee.

customer notice 23/12/2016


We close for Christmas Saturday 24th at 12.00


We are then closed until Tuesday January 4th 2017


We would like to wish all our customers a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas  


From all of us here at AF Rayspeed



Please be aware our email address is no longer working so we have set up another:


If you have sent us an email and not had a reply please resend to the new address and we will answer you as soon as we can.

Many thanks



Please be aware that until further notice we are unable to supply the std or ali 175 kits.


3rd September 2016



Please be aware that from today Sat 3rd until the 14th September I will be away, emails may not be dealt with in my absence.  If your enquiry is urgent and of a technical nature please call between 5pm and 6pm and speak with one of the mechanics who will be happy to help you.  Your patience is appreciated as it will be very busy here and we will deal with your enquiry/order as quickly as we can but there will be some delays.


Many thanks



Please be aware that during the dates 23rd August to the 30th August Dave, who deals with the orders will be away, there may be delays in getting orders out but we will do our best, during this very busy time.  Thank you.


We are closed on Good Friday

Open Saturday 26th 9am - 1.30pm then from 2.30 - 6pm

Sunday/Monday CLOSED

Tuesday normal times

Have a good easter

new product CUSTOMER NOTICE 12/03/2016

We have had some headlight grills come into stock they are  £46.00 each and are supplied with 2 x fixing screws, we have them for the TS, RB, DTC and S type


Customer Notice


Tuesday26th January 2016


Technical calls



Please be aware that between Tuesday 26th January and Tuesday 2nd February we only have one mechanic here and there are 2 lines coming into the shop.  This will mean there may be delays in technical questions being answered or getting through to the mechanic, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience.





We will be closing for our Christmas break on Thursday 24th December and will re open on Tuesday 5th January 2016   …………



Our last courier collection will be on Wednesday 23rd December  …………



We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers and their families,  a Very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.


From all of us here at A F Rayspeed. 




Please be aware that on Saturday 21st November 2015 there will NOT be any mechanics in the shop, the shop will be open  as normal between 9am -1.30 then from 2.30 - 6pm, have a good weekend 


We have just taken delivery of 4 Orange GP200's hopefully they will appear on the website soon.  Also we have our Close ratio Gearboxes back in stock!


Please be aware that Dave who is in the shop and  gets the orders out is going to be away until Tuesday 3rd November, this may cause delays in orders being picked but we will be doing our best to get things out as soon as we can, thank you :)


We do have scooters for sale, we are trying to update the website so please bear with us, if you are looking for a GP please email Karen or give us a call

Thank you

'S' type Register update 13/08/2015

All contributors so far please be advised that the first edition of the Register is now available to view on the teamsequipe website.
Navigate to "S types > Register" to view - this will open in a new window which, when closed, will return you to the website headings from where you can make further choices as usual.
We hope that you will enjoy looking at this and would ask you to comment if you find any errors etc. so that they may be corrected.
If you navigate to "S Types > Replica's", you will find photos and narratives also.
Thanks to all contributors to start off this project - regular updates will occur to include new entries.

'S'Type Register Update 05/08/2015

Lambretta 'S' Type Register...

In response to some owners security concerns, details of Frame and Engine 

numbers will be withheld from the Register.

Any data already received will be deleted from the records and will remain 


Initial response has been encouraging and we hope that this reassurance will enable many more owners to contribute to the Register.

Publication of the first edition will take place sometime in August.


Many thanks


EMAILS - Please be aware that due to staff holiday emails may not be dealt with from Saturday 25th July until Tuesday 4th August.  Also there may be delays in getting through on the phones, we have two incoming lines and only Dave to answer them.  If your enquiry is of a technical nature please call between 5pm and 6pm when you will be able to speak direct with a mechanic.  We would like to thank you for your patience during this time.


Please be aware that from Tuesday the 21st through to Tuesday 28th July we will only have one mechanic in the shop, this may cause delays in getting through to us during the technical hour of 5pm -6pm, we apologise for any problems this may cause.


Thank you

customer notice 20/6/15


Lambretta ‘S’ type Register


In conjuction with team S equipe and owned by John and Norman Ronald we would like to invite you to join the club, if you own an ‘S’ type.


Details required are listed below, there is no charge.


Please email your information to  or to




Reg Number - specify if to be with-held




Frame Number - last 3 digits will be with-held for security

Original or Restored or Replica

Location - Country, County, State, etc.

Current Owner Name - specify if to be with-held

Brief History

Recent Photograph (optional-but nice to have)


The website is




Friday 15th May 2015


Technical Calls




Please be aware that Ben will be away from 16th to the 26th May, this will mean that the technical time between 5pm and 6pm will be more busy than usual as we have 2 incoming lines and only one mechanic here during this time to take the calls.  We apologise in advance if you have difficulty getting through.



AF Rayspeed






The standard width tubeless rims are ideal for the front wheel. However the most recent batch have the valve at an angle that forces the tyre inflator in to one of the rear hub cooling fins.


An adapter is being developed but currently we would  recommend using the wide tubeless rim on the back wheel or removing a little material from the rear hub cooling fin next to the valve to make access easy.


The customer enquiry form on the website is now working again.  

NOTICE* 10/04/2015

It has been brought to our attention that the Customer enquiry form on the website may not be working correctly, if you have sent a request and not had a reply please resend to our email address and we will reply as soon as we can.  This is being looked into and will be up and running as soon as possible.

Thank you



We will be closed on Good Friday 3rd April...

Saturday 4th April - Open 9am-1.30pm then from 2.30pm through to 6pm

Sunday/Monday closed as usual


Please be aware that there have been notices issued regarding more Road works along the A64, the first weekend closures are from the 6th March (this Friday) until Monday 9th March. We understand the closure to be at Staxton, so if you are travelling from the Scarborough end of the A64 you should see diversions, We are not sure if there are any diversions coming from the York end of the A64, to be sure please check your route before planning your visit.  There are future closures planned and we will try to update you when we can.  Thank you

customer notice 21/2/15

Please be aware there are road closures in place along the A64, we are in the middle of this weekends closure from Friday 20th 8pm through to Monday 23rd 6am.  The actual Road closure is in place just after sherburn on the A64 up to Heslerton.  There are diversions in place and we have had some customers  getting  through at both ends of the closure if you say you are coming to the shop.  Next weekend from Friday 27th 8pm through to Monday  2nd March 6am there is another closure and at this stage we are not sure where it will be along the A64.

customer notice test 7/1/15




This is a test notice for customers to check this facility is active.  Please keep an eye on here for updates.